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Nov. 2nd, 2005 @ 12:13 am
About thiz Page of Flesh
Rotting Face: hornyhorny
The war on christianity continues with the release of 50 Ways To Kill Me's 2nd full length "50 MORE WAYS TO DIE FOR SATAN"

made all in 1 period of 12 hours straight cums 50 new songs including such hits as

* bash me in the face with your mailbox then when u go to check the mail in the morning you find my teeth

* nail me to a cross like that piece of shit jesus christ

* dress me up like a deer during hunting season & send me out into the woods

& 47 more...

if u are unsure if 50 WAYS TO KILL ME is the best band of all time & u are atleast 18 years of age, then u can download the music video for the song "suck my dick with razor blades in your mouth" here:

(18MB, WMV format)

like the video? well that song is on the cd

just look @ what people are saying about it who had recieved secret copys prior to the release:

"very funny lyrics and even amazing record that I ever had," -No Bullshit zine (phillipines)

"You will burn all of your Napalm Death cd's after one spin of this assured. This is the future. This is grind." -theBlastbeat.net webzine

but what are people saying about the live rituals?

"The 50 Ways To Kill Me show is spontaneous, like combustion. It's always a hilarious trip, and is not getting old anytime soon." -Frankenstoner Zine

The songs off of this album are all the same songs that Jay Haley played on his second to most recent tour in which he fucked a blowupdoll, ate shit, & masterbaited all on stage. This is a must-have for fans of sheer brutality if u think you can handle it. This album will Rape your ears

$6.66 plus shipping

out now on holloween! on FECALMATTER DISCORPORATED

to order one email: grandmammyfitty@hotmail.com
or go to www.fecalmatterdiscorp.com